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10 Best Boat Hauling Companies in USA 2020

Owning a boat is a matter of pride and a luxurious asset. However, unlike other vehicles that can be parked on-road or outside your house, they need to be transferred to the nearest port in the case of a boat. On the other hand, if you are traveling permanently to a new place, it is again mandatory to have the watercraft shifted to a new location. Herein, we need to understand shipping; transporting a boat is as difficult as other transportation services and is not an easy task. It does involve professional guidance and assistance to ensure a smooth working. Even a single carelessness can cost you a huge loss. This makes hiring a boat hauling is the best method to ensure the boats are hauled and transported smoothly.

If you are looking for boat hauling services to transport your boat in the USA, here we have provided 10 best boat hauling companies to hire their services. Here we go:

  1. CitizenShipper

CitizenShipper is one of the most popular and famed shipping companies established in the year 2008. It is headquartered in Colorado, North America. With environmental services offered at pocket-friendly prices makes it the most opted boat hauling and transportation service.

  1. Interstate Haulers

Established in 1997, Interstate Haulers are considered one of the best boat hauling services in the USA. This family-based boat transport business has been lauded by customers for its helpful customer care service and facilitating other assistance during the whole hauling process. The company is involved in transporting sailboats, powerboats, personal boats, yachts, etc. Moreover, they also provide insurance cover, which is quite satisfactory to not levy on you extra costs in the case of damage.

  1. Boats Express

Boats Express is a Florida-based company with a total experience spanning over 25 years from 1991 onwards. The company provides the service of transporting boats in varied ranges from 16 to that of 65 meters. Moreover, the price charged by them is also affordable, making it feasible to transport a medium-sized boat or a yacht within the required time span. Their services are available across 120 countries.

  1. Sevenstar Yacht Transport

One of the renowned boat hauling companies, Sevenstar Yacht Transport is associated with over 120 ship owning companies. Established in the year 1985 and holds an experience of more than 30 decades, the company is reviewed and lauded for its exemplary services.

  1. Express Boat Transport

If you are looking for a pocket-friendly boat hauling company in the USA, the Express Boat Transport is one of the right picks. From offering heavyweight and large boat transport at affordable rates to having well experienced trained staff to support, the company presents excellent hauling services. It’s a family-owned business with an experience of 25 years in the field, making it one of the best choices to pick.

  1. Compass Yacht Delivery

The company holds a five-star rating for its excellent service. The USP of this company is they update their services based on the market and customer requirements on a regular basis. Hiring this company offers the assistance of delivering your boats to any location, securely shipping them at a range of 10 to 150 meters.

  1. We Will Transport It

We Will Transport It is yet another five-star rated boat hauling company in the USA. The company holds an overall experience over 25 years headquartered in the Pompano Beach Area. The USP of this company is they do not ask for advanced payment for transporting services. However, the hauling service cost is determined based on the size and weight of the watercraft in addition to the destination and distance.

  1. G-Diamond Transport Inc.

G-Diamond Transport Inc. is one of the best boat hauling companies in the USA. The company offers boat hauling services, especially to boat manufacturers in and around the USA’s Elkhart Area. The company provides hailing services to over 48 contagious states of the USA and that of Canada. The company includes professionally trained staff who are certified to carry out the service. They ensure the boats are hauled in time and securely transported in addition to offering an insurance policy. The company transports boats of different sizes, from aluminum boats to oversized yachts and flatbed freights.

  1. Peters and May

Peters and May are boat hauling company holding an overall experience of 25 years. They hold training in maritime military deployment as well as are well equipped with the necessary tools for execution. The company also offers insurance policy and covers for their watercraft.

  1. Dockwise Yacht Transportation

The Dockwise Yacht Transportation offers the best boat transportation and shipping services across the USA and other parts of the globe. Founded in the year 1987 and located in Florida, the company transports yachts and superyachts. With trained staff and experienced professionals, the company offers excellent service at affordable prices.

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